We are an independent literary agency which provides career management for exceptional aspiring and experienced authors and illustrators of children’s literature.


Rodeen Literary Management is open to submissions from writers and illustrators of all genres of children’s literature including picture books, early readers, middle-grade fiction and nonfiction, graphic novels, as well as young adult fiction and nonfiction. Please note, RLM only represents children’s literature. Whether you are an aspiring writer, illustrator, or experienced author, please review our submission guidelines and send your work electronically to


Submission Guidelines:

° To submit to a specific agent, please put ATTN: Agent Name in subject line, and indicate if you are willing to have other agents consider your submission in the body of your letter.

° Cover letters with synopsis and contact information should be included in the body of your email.

° Please note that emails with attachments totaling 10+ MB will NOT reach RLM.

° Please condense your files to <10mb.  

° Unfortunately we are unable to download from file sharing sites. Please condense your work and attach it to an email, as described above. 

° An initial submission of 50 pages from a novel will suffice and should be pasted into the body of your email.  

° Electronic portfolios from illustrators are accepted but please keep the images at 72 dpi. Please also include a link to your website. 

° Electronic picture book dummies are accepted but new writers who exclusively write picture book texts are not currently being considered.  

° Graphic novels are accepted. 

° We do not require exclusive looks at manuscripts, but do appreciate updates and timelines for completion of review if other representation is offered.

° Feel free to update your submission if there is a status change (ie new representation, contract, etc.).

°  Unfortunately the ease of electronic submission has made it virtually impossible to respond to each submission personally. You will receive an auto-generated response to confirm your submission but please understand that further contact will be made only if we feel we can represent your work.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept submissions via Facebook nor will we discuss submissions over Facebook.

Thank you for your interest in Rodeen Literary Management!